What We do

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We provide some amazing solutions to any smile related concerns you may have.

We have aesthetic options, options to make treatment faster, options for different levels of at-home care, and options for different levels of in-office appointments. If you have limited time for monthly visits we have solutions for that, and if you want to hang with us more often that’s cool too! We aren’t here to be rigid, we are here because we truly love helping you and your smile in an individualized, totally custom plan.

Adults Hours

We understand you are busy – we see your social media posts, we want to fit into your life. We have convenient adult friendly hours (Saturdays what what!).

Smile Solutions

We offer all solutions to obtain your best smile:

In a Hurry?

In a hurry to get your desired results? We offer several options to accelerate your biological response which speeds overall treatment time including micro-osteo perforation and osteo-vibration.
We offer the most effective and aesthetic treatment options. Just about anyway you could think about wanting treatment we have made it an option for your convenience.

Office Visits


We have even designed a solution for people that want to have the minimum number of in office visits.

Long Lasting Smiles

  • During and after treatment whitening
  • Custom retainers
  • Clear retainers
  • Lingual (permanent) retainers
  • Hawley (traditional) retainers

Other 5 Star Services

  • Combined surgical orthodontic correction
  • Combined restoration correction
  • Botox services
  • Flexible options
  • Care credit