We are Nashville’s first ADULT ONLY (dental specialist) orthodontic office created to get you to your happiest smile.

What does that mean? It means we know adults, we are adults, and we know what you want when it comes to elevating your smile.

WE are here for you!

I often hear, “Dr. Brice I am way too old for braces!” And that’s exactly why we are here. We want to open your eyes (and smiles) to a new perspective on a profession that has been stereotypically targeted for kids and teens. We are here to change peoples’ view of going to the orthodontist and who should get a new and improved smile. We are here to elevate your smile, so ultimately, you can elevate yourself to be the BEST you!

-Dr. Brice


Customized Treatment

Truly customized treatments to fit your lifestyle: You tell us what you want and we will work with you to provide you the best solution.

WE come from a place that has been built out of demand.

Life today has become less about personal interactions, individualized care, and community, and more about online communication, instant gratification, and corporatization. We believe there is a need, and are striving to bring back those personal, individualized treatments from a community you know and can trust. With there being only one orthodontist, we are able to provide you a totally tailored treatment that works for you, that’s more than just an automated transaction. Dr. Brice and his team at EO will get to know you, grow with you, and be rooted into the community to provide elevated smiles across Nashville.
You tell us what you want and we will provide a solution.
Located in the heart of East Nashville, just one mile from downtown.